SQP121 – Wildlife Management

Hello, Crosspeople!

Thanks for coming by. I’ve got the November themed crossword here with me, and it should be a gentle-ish challenge. This one is me threading the needle, building something around my particular interests while trying to make everybody feel welcome and entertained. I wonder if you cross over with me on this one, and hope you feel seen if you don’t. Wherever it all lands, I wish you smiles and happy solving!

Quick shout to a couple of cool crossword people: I made this other cool puzzle with the great Enrique Henestroza Anguiano for his blog, and if you liked what you saw today I hope you’ll check it out. Brooke Husic, who did the test solving for today’s puzzle, makes tons of cool puzzles and I’ve had the pleasure of making a few cool ones with her as well. Brooke and Enrique made this really cool word list together which you should also give a spin if you make crossword puzzles or have aspirations of doing so. A very cool crossword triangle to be a part of, if you ask me. I’m infinitely grateful.

One more quick thing — I’ve still got this survey going about the direction of Square Pursuit. If you have a minute and haven’t done so already, would you consider giving me some feedback? I’m trying to figure out how to best spend my crossword time and energy on this site and beyond. I’d really appreciate the help.

And there we are! Take care and enjoy the puzzle. See you in 5 with a quiptic and 7 with a challenging cryptic.

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SQP115 – Pick and Peck

Greetings, Crossfolks!

In honor I’ve my favorite time of year, I made you something breezy and seasonal — nothing tough or cryptic. Next week we’ll be back in the cryptic mode with a gentle quiptic and a blocked challenger. I hope you’re in a safe place to get outside and enjoy this special time, that is if it’s indeed autumn where you are and you’re not solving too many crossword puzzles to do so.

Thanks to Brooke for the test solve!

That’s it from me. Take care, enjoy and see you next week with those cryptics!

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SQP103 – “We’ll Have the Horned Viper, Please”

Hello, Crossworders!

It’s August, and I’d like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to something I’ve really been enjoying lately. Today’s is a gentle themed crossword. If you don’t get what’s going on initially, I hope this inspires you to check it out!

Thanks to Brooke Husic for the test solve!

Next week is cryptic week, and I’ll have a themed standard cryptic as well as a quiptic (if time allows). Thanks for stopping by. Take care and enjoy!

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SQP096 – Cookout

Hello, crossword folks!

I hope everyone who wants to has been able to get some grilled goodness lately. I found myself inspired to do this puzzle while enjoying an absolute bounty of meats and other delicacies. This non-cryptic crossword is about as gentle as they come on Square Pursuit, and I hope it treats you right.

Thanks to my wonderful partner Arielle and Brooke Husic for the test solve!

Take care and enjoy. Next week is a cryptic week. See you then!

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SQP090 – Hidden Classics

Hello crossword folks!

Thanks for coming by! Today’s crossword is pretty specific, and dedicated to a gem from a generation before mine. If this theme misses you, I hope the rest of the puzzle is plenty of fun. If you have an ironic or unironic love for the topic matter like I do, I hope it’s extra fun!

Thanks so much to Brooke Husic and David Gold for the test solve!

Take care, enjoy the puzzle, I’ll see you next week with a tricky unthemed cryptic.

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SQP084 – First, I’d Like to Thank…

Hello, hello, Crossword Friends!

This week’s themed crossword is a timely offering. Without saying too much, it’s my feeling that it’s important to consider a lot of different experiences when showing appreciation. This one’s on the breezy side among my puzzles, but has a bit of the bite I think you’ve come to expect if you come around here regularly. By the way, if you do come around here regularly, I really appreciate you!

I also appreciate Brooke Husic who has been crushing it on puzzles in all sorts of places lately (with more excellent stuff coming soon!) for test solving.

I also appreciate all the great cryptic vibes I’ve been getting from folks lately! Next week’s puzzle is a challenging cryptic by this blog’s standards, so it’s likely to be accompanied by another one of my introductory-level quiptics in its near vicinity. I also have a fun collaboration popping up somewhere soon and a gentle newspaper puzzle in the next couple of weeks.

Take care, enjoy, and go thank somebody you love!

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SQP079 – “Pure Imagination”

Hello, crossfolks!

It feels like ages since I’ve done a standard crossword here at Square Pursuit, and I hope the extra column of letters in this 16×15 makes up for it a bit! It was pretty wild to fill this grid after making so many cryptics and other kinds of puzzles as I have been lately. It was kind of like going back to the gym after a week or two on the couch. Gentle-ish difficulty, with some stuff in the grid that I’m pretty pumped to work in.

Thanks so much to ace constructors Brooke Husic and Quiara Vasquez for giving this one a test drive. I always look forward to the next Steely Dan reference in a Quiara puzzle and I’m excited/terrified about Brooke’s upcoming Boswords themeless challenger.

Next week is cryptic week, and it’s not the easiest puzzle I’ve ever made. I’ve heard reports of a lot of beginning solvers enjoying the Quiptic, so there’s going to be one of those this weekend too in case you’re not sure sure about tackling the big one next Wednesday.

Take care, enjoy, and see you soon!

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Puzzle #54: “Creative Differences”

Hello, crossword people!

I’m so glad to be kicking March off with a 17x themed puzzle! I’ve been dishing out the tough puzzles lately, so we’re dialing it back on this one. There shouldn’t be much to scare folks away this week, but it does have a bit more mustard on it than a newspaper puzzle of a similar type.

Speaking of newspapers, keep your eyes open in the next couple of months — I’ve got some ones I’m proud of dropping soon. As for the blog I’m really looking forward to the open schedule for year two, and have a fun cryptic coming at you next week. Thanks so much to Brooke Husic and Jake Eakle for the test solve on this one, and a very special thanks also goes out to my wonderful and supportive wife Arielle, who took the plunge and dealt with this one rather handily as well!

Take care and enjoy the puzzle! One week until the March cryptic, and two until a nice hard themeless!

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Puzzle #52: “Fancy Footwork”

Hello, crossword fans!

It’s themed week at Square Pursuit! I hope this puzzle gets you up and moving on a wintry Wednesday. It shouldn’t be as tough as last week’s offering but it’s got a few sneaky clues in there and some trivia I love.

This one was quite a challenge in its original form, and I want to give thanks to test solvers Brooke Husic, Will Eisenberg, and k0rmad for fighting through it and giving me some smoothing-out advice. Those who are looking for a rough ride can go back to the collab cryptic from last weekend with MentalPlayground or the choose-your-own clues themeless from a few days before. This weekend I’ve got a gentle-ish variety cryptic that I’m so excited about, and an anniversary themeless to follow!

Take care and enjoy the puzzle. Variety cryptic in 3 days, tough themeless in 7!

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