SQP121 – Wildlife Management

Hello, Crosspeople!

Thanks for coming by. I’ve got the November themed crossword here with me, and it should be a gentle-ish challenge. This one is me threading the needle, building something around my particular interests while trying to make everybody feel welcome and entertained. I wonder if you cross over with me on this one, and hope you feel seen if you don’t. Wherever it all lands, I wish you smiles and happy solving!

Quick shout to a couple of cool crossword people: I made this other cool puzzle with the great Enrique Henestroza Anguiano for his blog, and if you liked what you saw today I hope you’ll check it out. Brooke Husic, who did the test solving for today’s puzzle, makes tons of cool puzzles and I’ve had the pleasure of making a few cool ones with her as well. Brooke and Enrique made this really cool word list together which you should also give a spin if you make crossword puzzles or have aspirations of doing so. A very cool crossword triangle to be a part of, if you ask me. I’m infinitely grateful.

One more quick thing — I’ve still got this survey going about the direction of Square Pursuit. If you have a minute and haven’t done so already, would you consider giving me some feedback? I’m trying to figure out how to best spend my crossword time and energy on this site and beyond. I’d really appreciate the help.

And there we are! Take care and enjoy the puzzle. See you in 5 with a quiptic and 7 with a challenging cryptic.

solve online / puz / pdf / solution

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