SQP148 – “Forward Roll”

Hello, Puzzle People!

Thanks for stopping by. Today’s puzzle is likely the last standard crossword you’ll see for a while on Square Pursuit. So much cool stuff has been happening for me in crossworld that I’m finding it a bit tough to keep up with everything. Here’s the plan:

I’m going to keep the quiptics coming on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month, because they’re a unique part of my constructing load and I know they’re a big solving ritual for a lot of folks. Full-sized and variety cryptics, like the standard crosswords, are going to pop up when it feels fun and there’s bandwidth on my end. It will end up being 2-3 puzzles per month instead of 4, but I’m always around! My cryptics will continue to run in The Browser and elsewhere, my variety puzzles at Square Chase, my themeless crosswords as part of the Newsday Saturday Stumper, and my themed ones when they come up in other newspapers. There will still be cool things on some Wednesdays here in addition to those quiptics, like a second Alphabetical Jigsaw in June!

Thanks to Brooke for the test solve!

Take care and enjoy the puzzle! I’ll be back in a week with a fresh quiptic!

solve online / puz / pdf / solution

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