Eight Cryptic Nights #3 – Gimel

Hello, holiday solvers!

It’s nice to see you again. Tonight we’ve got gimel on the dreidel. This is the best one, since you get to take everything in the pot (pennies, candies, Totino’s Pizza Rolls™, what have you) when you roll it. You’ve got to take stuff out of the answers in this puzzle too, but none of things I just mentioned.

Want some more holiday fun in between solves? Constructor Jesse Lansner is doing Chanukah-themed cryptic clues on Twitter for each night — go check them out!

Hey, put down that Pizza Roll™– it’s solving time! Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow.

This puzzle suite is best solved on paper. If you choose to solve online, you will also need to have a look at the pdf version in order to complete the meta puzzle at the end. If you solve on paper, hang on to those completed puzzles until night eight! Hints and solutions will be available when the last puzzle drops.

pdf / solve online

3 thoughts on “Eight Cryptic Nights #3 – Gimel

  1. Having so much fun with these! This one was tricky, had to sleep on it. But I sussed it out the next day. 🙂 And starting to assemble some guesses… thanks for this adventure!


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