Eight Cryptic Nights #2 – Nun

Hello, Chanukah solvers!

Back for more? Glad to hear it. We’ll keep playing dreidel for a few more puzzles, now that we’ve done our initial spin. Weak effort, though, if I’m being honest! Nun is not awesome. It means that the player gets nothing from the pot. In my house the pot is full of almonds, but you could fill it with chocolate, raisins, gelt, actual money (high stakes dreidel) or anything else you want.

When you finish this one, why not check out another Chanukah crossword? Rebecca Goldstein has awesome ones up at My Jewish Learning and USA Today (edited by Jewish food expert and all-around cool crossword person Amanda Rafkin). There’s also this gorgeously shaped little one by Madeline Kaplan (edited by also-super-cool crossword person Chris Piuma) over at Lil AVC X, where I’m very excited to be doing some editing myself in 2023.

Quit opening that pair of dreidel socks and get solving, why dontcha? See you tomorrow night with the next episode.

This puzzle suite is best solved on paper. If you choose to solve online, you will also need to have a look at the pdf version in order to complete the meta puzzle at the end. If you solve on paper, hang on to those completed puzzles until night eight! Hints and solutions will be available when the last puzzle drops.

pdf / solve online

alt pdf

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