Eight Cryptic Nights #4 – Hei

Welcome back, Chanukah puzzlers!

With this puzzle, we reach the halfway point of the set. The menorah is half-full, and we’ve almost explored all the possibilities dreidel has to offer. This puzzle is also about doing things halfway — a hei means that you get only half of the pot, which means you have to leave behind as as many M&M’s, malt balls, or mini-chopped liver sandwiches as you take.

In other Chanukah puzzle news, I enjoyed another nicely-shaped midi over at Vox last night from Juliana Tringali Golden last night, if you’re looking to stay in the spirit between installments.

What am I, chopped liver? For this I made you a cryptic? Get solving! See you tomorrow night with the next one.

This puzzle suite is best solved on paper. If you choose to solve online, you will also need to have a look at the pdf version in order to complete the meta puzzle at the end. If you solve on paper, hang on to those completed puzzles until night eight! Hints and solutions will be available when the last puzzle drops.

pdf / solve online

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