Puzzle #42: “Off We Go!” with Brooke Husic

Hey there, puzzle people!

For this week’s themed offering I’m thrilled to offer a joint effort with the one and only Brooke Husic! Brooke is a great friend and an inspiring collaborator in crossworld. It’s always a treat (and learning experience) to make something together. For those of you who have been paying attention she’s been on an excellent puzzle-a-day streak since last Friday—you can find her Friday and Tuesday USA Today Puzzles on their website, and three “demi” puzzles on her must-solve blog—so it’s very cool to get to share in a bit of the fun!

Here’s Brooke: What a privilege to collaborate with Steve! The revealer is relevant to recent changes in my life, so while I was running around, Steve did the heavy lifting on setting up this 72-word (!) grid. Steve’s constructing skills and cluing ingenuity aren’t new to me, but I’m always happy to be impressed again and again! On a personal note, it’s so cool to have made such a great friend, especially in current times, and I’m certainly a better and more thoughtful person for knowing Steve.

Only time will tell the true duration and splendor of Brooke’s puzzle streak, but I can say for sure that tomorrow she will be making her Inkubator debut, in which she will unleash her trademark diagonal symmetry on a host of unsuspecting subscribers. I recommend signing up if you haven’t tried their innovative puzzles yet!

Special thanks to star constructors Enrique Henestroza Anguiano and Matthew Stock for the test solve!

Enjoy the puzzle and let us know what you think! I’ll see you folks next week with your regularly scheduled themeless and perhaps a variety cryptic as well sometime soon!

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