Puzzle #43: Themeless #22

Hello everybody!

Thanks for dropping by! This week’s themeless is another adventure in mirror symmetry. I think there’s some fun stuff in there and a few challenges as well. Hopefully it’s a satisfying one. Special thanks to Brooke Husic and Will Eisenberg for test-solving!

I’m feeling very happy to be closing out a wonderful 2020 in crosswords (glad it’s wonderful somewhere) and have some fun things coming down the pike. There’s a variety cryptic popping up here soon, a U.K.-style cryptic collaboration that’s been really fun to make, and of course next week’s freewheeling themed puzzle. Looks like the last puzzle of the year is a themeless. Should I try to do something special with it?

Well, there it is! Take care, enjoy the puzzle, and see you in a few with a variety cryptic.

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