Puzzle #32: “Literary Sendups”

Welcome back, crossword folks!

It’s themed week here at Square Pursuit and I’ve got something for the bookworms this time around. It’s a mildly challenging romp which I hope succeeds to divert. I managed to get one of my favorite authors into the grid today too — seeing her in puzzles is always a good time, in my book.

This being the end of a month, I’m up with a cryptic as well this week, which will hit on Saturday. I’ve really been enjoying tackling cryptics from crossword friends lately, as well as regularly having my nose in the British papers to try some of the elegant puzzles from their motherland. I hope to see you back here to give mine a try this weekend.

That’s all from me this time. Thanks for solving! I’ll be back in a few with the October cryptic and again next Wednesday with a themeless crossword.

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