Eight Cryptic Nights #8 – Zot Chanukah

This is it, Chanukah puzzlers!

It’s the last night of Chanukah and final installment of Eight Cryptic Nights! It’s been an absolute pleasure making these puzzles for you and a great time interacting with folks along the way. I hope they’ve brightened your holiday (or just plain old) week. Thanks to everybody who’s supported this project and helped me promote it in the last month!

This one’s a little bigger and a little more involved than the others, but that’s how it should be — big full menorah, tummy stuffed with fried food, friends and family, and so on. You’ll notice the “nudges and solution” document at the bottom of this post. Please proceed carefully, because if you advance through it too quickly you’re going to see spoilers.

Now I’ll ask you one more time:

What makes the best-tasting latkes?

Take care and enjoy the puzzle.

This puzzle suite is best solved on paper — in fact it’s time to pull out all of the papers you’ve been solving it on. If you choose to solve online, you will also need to have a look at the pdf version in order to complete the meta puzzle. Please read the “nudges and solution” document carefully to avoided spoiling the puzzles for yourself.

pdf / solve online

nudges and solution (scroll carefully)

5 thoughts on “Eight Cryptic Nights #8 – Zot Chanukah

  1. thank you so much for such a great collection of puzzles, a hanukkah gift i never knew i needed. hope you had a good holiday and best wishes & continued success for you in the new year


  2. Todah robah! A truly outstanding achievement in cryptic construction and meta-magnificence. I enjoyed every puzzle and struggled to finish…worth every oy-gevalt! Please keep up the good work. It’s a mitziah!


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