Puzzle #4: “Speed Solving”

Hello, everybody! It’s theme week again at Square Pursuit, and this time around I made something special for the people headed to the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. Which got canceled for obvious reasons. What do you do?

You post it anyway! A whole bunch of people have been practicing speed solving (that’s going as fast as possible on these puzzles while making no errors) in order to have a shot at glory in Stamford, CT. That glory awaits us in September, when the tournament’s been rescheduled, and I will most certainly be there.

This Saturday, however, I’m going to be on my couch doing this: http://www.crosswordtournamentfromyourcouch.org/. It’s not the same, of course, but I’m here to tell you that the puzzles involved are all made by really good constructors and that the people running it are crossword veterans. In addition to the fun and camaraderie, it helps raise money for those who need it to fight COVID-19 and the other harm it’s inflicting.

This week’s puzzle takes a moment to honor all speed solvers, but in particular to highlight the work of a couple notable ones from times gone by. These two were solving before I was old enough to even make it through a New York Times Monday! As always, I hope you folks enjoy it. Take care out there and I’ll see you with a fresh themeless next week!



PDF Solution

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