Puzzle #54: “Creative Differences”

Hello, crossword people!

I’m so glad to be kicking March off with a 17x themed puzzle! I’ve been dishing out the tough puzzles lately, so we’re dialing it back on this one. There shouldn’t be much to scare folks away this week, but it does have a bit more mustard on it than a newspaper puzzle of a similar type.

Speaking of newspapers, keep your eyes open in the next couple of months — I’ve got some ones I’m proud of dropping soon. As for the blog I’m really looking forward to the open schedule for year two, and have a fun cryptic coming at you next week. Thanks so much to Brooke Husic and Jake Eakle for the test solve on this one, and a very special thanks also goes out to my wonderful and supportive wife Arielle, who took the plunge and dealt with this one rather handily as well!

Take care and enjoy the puzzle! One week until the March cryptic, and two until a nice hard themeless!

solve online / puz / pdf / solution

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