Puzzle #52: “Fancy Footwork”

Hello, crossword fans!

It’s themed week at Square Pursuit! I hope this puzzle gets you up and moving on a wintry Wednesday. It shouldn’t be as tough as last week’s offering but it’s got a few sneaky clues in there and some trivia I love.

This one was quite a challenge in its original form, and I want to give thanks to test solvers Brooke Husic, Will Eisenberg, and k0rmad for fighting through it and giving me some smoothing-out advice. Those who are looking for a rough ride can go back to the collab cryptic from last weekend with MentalPlayground or the choose-your-own clues themeless from a few days before. This weekend I’ve got a gentle-ish variety cryptic that I’m so excited about, and an anniversary themeless to follow!

Take care and enjoy the puzzle. Variety cryptic in 3 days, tough themeless in 7!

Solve Online


PDF Solution

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