Puzzle #34 “Big Cat Energy”

Hello, puzzle folks!

If you like cats, big cats, puns or big puns, this one is likely for you. It comes to us from my archive of summer puzzles that never went anywhere. It wasn’t quite right for the publisher I originally had in mind, but as a cat lover and silly person, I felt it needed to see the light of day. In blog form I got to get a bit extra eccentric with it. I hope we’re on the same wavelength today!

Speaking of whimsy, I’m offering a bonus puzzle this coming Saturday. I’ve never done this exact format, though it’s cryptic-adjunct. Since the September monthly cryptic ended up being so punishing, it’s going to be very much on the easier side. If the last one didn’t make you feel welcome, I hope this one does the opposite. If none of that funny business with the clues is your bag, I’ve got a crisp, autumnal themeless landing for you next Wednesday.

That’s that! Enjoy the cat-thing, take care out there, and I’ll see you on Saturday with something different.

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