Bonus Crossword: Talk (Trash) Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy, puzzle mateys!

That’s right, it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and Square Pursuit has got you covered with a bonus grid. This being a Saturday, and a puzzle about pirates, it’s fitting that there would be a bit of extra sting in the tail, and while it’s not as rough as the ones published in the papers today, it should give you a bit of a workout.

For those of you who came looking for the Rosh Hashanah puzzle, it’s here. I realized yesterday that those of you (and there were many) who chose “Solve Online” got a puzzle that was missing the 54 circles that make the theme explicit. My apologies! It’s all fixed now, so if you want another look, it should make a bit more sense. No circles in today’s grid though — this one’s just serving up cannonballs and plank-walking, baby!

Take care, enjoy, and see you on Wednesday with your regularly-scheduled themeless offering!

Solve Online




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