Puzzle #26: “All About Ed”

Hello again, puzzlers!

I had a blast last weekend at Lollapuzzoola, and if you were there, I hope you did as well! Lots of gorgeous tournament puzzles, some nice challenges, that unforgiving clock, and plenty of great hanging out. Fingers crossed we can all get back out in person next year.

This week’s puzzle isn’t about crossword competitions, though. This one’s all about Ed. I hope it’s a gentle challenge with a theme that puts a smile on your face. There’s more to come as well — I did a little intercontinental collaboration this week, and the result (not a standard crossword) is going to be up on Saturday as a bonus for those of you who prefer their wordplay more cranium-splitting than today’s variety.

Take care of yourselves and enjoy! Back on Saturday with that bonus I mentioned and then next Wednesday with a fun themeless offering.

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