Puzzle #17: Themeless #9

It’s been only five days, puzzle people! I hope you’re not too full on themeless crossword fun!

One of things that I value about the wider awakening surrounding Black Lives Matter is that oppressed people are speaking out for themselves and allies are starting to listen. That’s why I absolutely had to get 4-Across into a grid today. I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time, and I’m deeply moved and inspired by her brave and eloquent actions in the past couple of weeks. The other themeless that was supposed to drop this week will make its way to you eventually, and hopefully it’s a nice challenge as well.

Again, crosswords are a sustaining break for all of us, but I hope you’ll join me in continuing the work we’re doing as humans to ensure that this moment of awareness and potential change doesn’t flare out.

Back next week with a playful themed puzzle!




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