Bonus Themeless w/ Brooke Husic

Photo credit: Wittylama

Hello puzzle people!

I hope your weekend is going well so far. I’m absolutely thrilled to offer you a bonus puzzle this fine evening. It’s a collaboration with star constructor Brooke Husic!

I first solved Brooke’s work in USA Today, where I was struck by her inventive cluing and finely wrought grids. Many of you, and I as well, have enjoyed her individual voice in guest spots on other puzzle blogs. Constructing with her was highly educational, and a real treat!

From Brooke:

Steve and I started talking after I was super impressed by his Universal puzzle a month ago. Now that we’ve collaborated, I’m 10x as impressed with how deliberate and thoughtful Steve is around every aspect of gridding, cluing, and inclusivity/framing, and I’ve learned so much from working with him. It’s an honor to be featured here and I’m excited for future puzzles from this shared byline!

Be safe, have fun, and enjoy our themeless collaboration! Back with a regular offering on Wednesday!




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