Puzzle #15: Themeless #8

Hello, dear solvers! For me, and you perhaps, puzzles are an important escape from the world. Please permit me a brief aside about humanism and crosswords today.

Because I believe silence is complicity, I feel compelled to express my outrage over the murder of George Floyd and the violent crackdown on peaceful protestors and journalists in its wake. As a crossword person, I’d like to amplify a couple of voices in our community right now.

Two of our brightest stars in crossworld are using their art to support organizations in the Black Lives Matter movement. Erik Agard is offering some of his great puzzles with your donation to a 1StruggleKC. Paolo Pasco is offering a typically excellent creation of his own as well as some puzzles from other constructors (including myself) with a donation. His website also links to some informational resources which I encourage you to explore if you’re sufficiently fired up and curious.

Thanks for hearing me out! Be learned, stay safe and enjoy! Back with a themed offering next week!




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