Bonus Variety Puzzle: Pangram Midi

Hi all, I’m quickly popping in with a Monday special! Sid Sivakumar, the excellent constructor behind Sid’s Grids, came up with a new puzzle concept last month. In his Pangram Midi, solvers get an 8×8 grid in which every letter of the alphabet is used at least once, along with a set of unnumbered clues. It’s the solver’s job to figure out which answer goes where. It’s an elegant form that I absolutely had to try making myself. I did so, and with Sid’s encouragement, I’ve decided to post the result here. Before solving mine, I hope you’ll go try the ones on his site, linked above.

Below you can find my stab at an 8×8 Pangram Midi in .pdf format. Page 1 is the hard version with no letters in the grid. Page 2 has a few free squares filled in to get you going, and page 3 is the solution. Enjoy! Back with a regularly scheduled themeless on Wednesday!

.pdf (Hard, Easy, Solution)

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