Eight Cryptic Nights #6 – Ma’oz Tzur (Rock of Ages)

Hello, Chanukah puzzle die-hards,

So glad you’re still with me in the back half! So far this suite has been all “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel,” but today’s puzzle is themed to the real classic among Chanukah songs. “Ma’oz Tzur” is an all-time seasonal favorite, but there’s no need to learn it to solve!

Did you see the Easter egg, err… haminado in yesterday’s puzzle? There are a few more of those showing up in the next couple of days. I absolutely love haminados, but they’re not particularly Chanukah-ish. For that we’ll need something different tomorrow.

I see you googling haminado recipes over there, but that can wait — the puzzle is ready to consume right now! See you tomorrow with another foodie challenge.

This puzzle suite is best solved on paper. If you choose to solve online, you will also need to have a look at the pdf version in order to complete the meta puzzle at the end. If you solve on paper, hang on to those completed puzzles until night eight! Hints and solutions will be available when the last puzzle drops.

pdf / solve online

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