SQP152 – Quiptic #31

Hello Quipsters,

Happy summer! Thanks for stopping by. I’m kicking off a pretty dense 10 days of crosswords with the easiest of the bunch. It’s got one device per clue, and the helpers version tells you which device to look for each time. I hope it’s fun for both the beginners and the daredevils who time themselves and race each other alike! Thanks, as always, to Will for being a great quiptic test solve guy.

In seven days there will be the twice-yearly alphabetical jigsaw cryptic, which should be one of the hardest things to date this site but also one of the most rewarding. Then, on the first of July I’m dropping a really unusual Square Chase variety cryptic that I’m also pretty excited about. Add a Saturday Stumper somewhere in that mix and it’s going to be good times.

Take care and enjoy the puzzle! See you with that challenge next week.

plain: solve online / puz / pdf

helpers: solve online / puz / pdf

Solution and Explanations

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