SQP117 – Cryptic #15

Hello, cryptic solvers!

Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad to be here with October’s blocked cryptic puzzle. No theme here, just some challenging clues and plenty of laughs (or so I hope). If you find yourself totally stuck and not enjoying things, may I recommend revealing an answer or two? It’s something that I did a lot when learning to solve the British puzzles I love so much. It would be great to normalize that sort of thing as it opened the door to a lot of joy for me.

Many thanks to k0rmad for test solving, and to Ali for lending me his letter Y.

See you next week with the October themeless, which is not at all cryptic, but should be fun (or so I also hope).

Take care and enjoy the puzzle!

solve online / puz / pdf / answers & explanations

4 thoughts on “SQP117 – Cryptic #15

  1. Hi Steve! In today’s block cryptic 3D is clued as (7,4) but it has 12 spaces. What is the correct breakdown? Thanks for making these great puzzles available.


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