SQP093 – Themeless #31

Hello, Crosspeople!

I haven’t made a themeless puzzle by myself in a while! So many people do it so well these days, it begs the question: what is there to add in this golden age of indie crosswords? I’m not sure I know the answer, so I decided to just go with things that make me smile and try to apply my style honestly. I hope it’s as fun to solve as it was to make! I hear it’s pretty challenging, so if you’d prefer a gentler ride, there’s a version with a few of the hardest clues changed.

Thanks to Brooke Husic for the insightful test solve and for recommending I make a gentler version. Any bad decisions in either puzzle are entirely mine!

I appreciate you coming by! Take care and enjoy. I’m back with variety cryptic in one week!

harder: solve online / puz / pdf

gentler: solve online / puz / pdf


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