SQP083 – Quiptic #3

Surprise, cryptic fans!

This rainy Thursday afternoon (at least where I am) comes complete with another introductory-level quiptic. The inspiration for the puzzle comes from a chat I had with some nice crossword people during last weekend’s American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. This one’s for everybody, especially new solvers, but the folks I was “sitting with” on Sunday might notice a four word message in the grid upon completion.

As always with my quiptics, I’ve tried to represent a wide array of cluing devices including two unusual ones this time. Don’t be afraid to use the helpers version with cluing device tags in each clue if you need an extra push, and to check out the explanations if you’re wondering what’s going on. Neither of these devices are novel, and both are far more common in the UK than North America. They’re always an nice treat when they pop up.

Test solving thanks go to the double Will sensation of Will Nediger and Will Eisenberg, whose puzzles you should go solve.

Take care, enjoy, and see you next Wednesday with a themed non-cryptic crossword.

Plain: solve online / puz / pdf

Helpers: solve online / puz / pdf

solutions & explanation

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