SQP080 – Quiptic #2

Hey there, cryptic lovers!

Since my regular cryptics have been getting more challenging and folks liked the last quiptic, here’s another! Once again I’m gearing this toward newer solvers by keeping devices very straightforward, but I’m still aiming for smooth surface readings that bury the definition as much as possible.

Many thanks to Will Eisenberg for test driving this one and catching some stuff I was glad to change! Don’t forget that there is a version for true beginners here that contains “helpers” that reveal the devices used in each clue. The solution document gives a brief explanation for each answer as well.

Good luck, have fun, and I’ll see you on Wednesday with the full-sized, more challenging cryptic.

plain: solve online / puz / pdf

helpers: solve online / puz / pdf

solution and explanations

3 thoughts on “SQP080 – Quiptic #2

      1. D’oh! I’m sorry, I meant to say KNOT. It seems to me that that would also work.


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