SQP078 – Spiral #1

Hello, puzzle people!

Today is a fifth Wednesday, so it felt like a chance to push myself to make something new and different! I’ve always liked spiral puzzles. They’re a good deal more straightforward than crosswords of course, but they have a nice elegance about them. I definitely had to think in some fresh ways while making this one, and it hurt my head a little, but I had a great time. I hope you have as much fun solving as I did constructing.

A few quick shout outs for test solving: my wonderful wife Arielle, who tackled this in its roughest version, Will Eisenberg, whose puzzles need no introduction (go solve them), and Jacob Cohen, who is a seasoned constructor of spirals and other variety types. He provides weekly sheets of puzzles for charity on his site.

Thanks for stopping by! Take care and enjoy the spiral. I’ll be back in 7 days with a themed crossword and 14 days with a blocked cryptic.

pdf / pdf SOLUTION

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