SQP076 – Variety Cryptic #6: “Takin’ Off!”

**Hello! You’ve found one of my cryptics from before I figured out how to make cryptics well! Please enjoy the diamonds in the rough, but expect neither elegance nor fairness. It takes a while to learn how to do it right!**

Hello, cryptic friends!

It’s my favorite time of month again! Today’s variety cryptic is relatively gentle, as usual. I hope you enjoy it!

The cryptic fun just keeps coming! I’ve been plugging away at several UK puzzles daily and I’m starting to experience much smoother solves, and with them, a lot of joy. I’ve been getting a lot of practice constructing as well, and I must say it’s pretty cool to have you folks along with me solving my puzzles.

I’m thankful for several test solvers this time. Hayley Gold, who has an interactive crossword graphic novel coming out that I’m really excited to see (Kickstarter here), Nate Cardin, who keeps crushing the cryptic game over at The Browser, and k0rmad, who has given an excellent eye to my cryptics for over half a year. Thanks, folks!

Back at you with a bit more variety next week, and a whole raft of themed, themeless, and cryptic crosswords in April! Take care and enjoy!

solve online / pdf / solution and explanations

4 thoughts on “SQP076 – Variety Cryptic #6: “Takin’ Off!”

    1. Thanks for solving Richard! I’m relieved that the entry is still gettable. I had a feeling it would be risky to use internet speak in the wordplay AND answer, but I’m glad to have done the experiment, at least this time. 🙂


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