Puzzle #47: Themeless #24

Hello, Crosspeople!

It’s themeless time again and I’ve got one that I’m extra fond of to offer you! There’s been some spirited discussion about a lack of hard puzzles in the crossword solving community lately, and while this is no Saturday Stumper (RIP), I hope it gives you a little (pleasurable) trouble.

I’m enjoying a nice leisurely winter cruise to the one-year anniversary of Square Pursuit and have been revisiting some of the old stuff, just for my own curiosity’s sake. Let’s just say that it took a while to get to where things are. My quality control thanks this week go to Brooke Husic, Quiara Vasquez, and Andrew Bradley, who may not remember this, but actually test solved my very first grid, long before I had a newspaper byline or blog.

Enjoy the puzzle! I’m back with a variety cryptic this weekend and a themed puzzle next Wednesday!

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