Puzzle #39: Themeless #20

Hello, puzzle folks!

Look, it’s big number 20! It’s been so fun to hone my themeless-making skills on the blog this year. Thanks for solving along — I think you’re going to like this one! I’m never sure quite what to say ahead of time about this sort of thing because I’d rather not tip my hand, but I can say I’m proud of the shape and glad to be able to debut a couple of phrases that make me smile. Thanks to Brooke for being this week’s test solver!

In other news, in light of all the kind feedback and requests I’ve gotten following my variety cryptic last month, I decided to make another one. It’s on its way to you this weekend. I hope you’ll come by and give it a try — it’s geared towards folks who are still getting their feet wet in cryptic land but should still have enough spice for the rest of you!

That’s my piece. I hope you enjoy! Take care and see you Saturday for that cryptic business and next Wednesday with a dastardly themed puzzle!

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