Puzzle #27: Themeless #14

Hello, puzzle people!

It’s hard to imagine this thing at Square Pursuit has been going on for half a year! The original goal was to get a puzzle up every week, but things have gone so much better than that. I’m really grateful for all the folks I’ve met through puzzle-making in the past six months, and believe me, I’ve learned a ton along the way. Here’s to you!

No wordplay this time around, just a nice open themeless. I’m dialing the difficulty back down just a little this week, since we’re out of tournament season. I’m trying for stiff but not brutal! I’ve got great some puzzles planned for the fall and plenty of special things to come as well, and can’t wait to share them with you all.

There it is. Take care, enjoy, and see you in September (yeah, that’s next week) with a cheeky themed puzzle!

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