Puzzle #23: Themeless #12

Hello, puzzle fans!

What a great time last weekend! I really enjoyed competing in the online version of Boswords, where I got to solve puzzles from some of my favorite constructors, and “hang out” with all kinds of cool crossword people. If you’ve never done a tournament online, I highly recommend it. Even the really great solvers are super-friendly and everybody takes the day in stride.

I’m glad to be giving you a tricky themeless offering today, having just tackled the brutal championship puzzle (no, I was not even close to qualifying). It’s fun to get inspired by the deviousness of other constructors when sitting down to write clues.

A few folks have asked for some more wordplay-heavy puzzles, and I’ve got good news! On Saturday I’ll be launching a new monthly feature that’s a bit different and huge on wordplay. If it’s not your bag, I promise some puns in next weeks standard grid.

Take care and enjoy! Back on Saturday with the new thing, and next Wednesday with your regularly-scheduled themed offering!

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