Puzzle #19: Themeless #10

Hello puzzle solvers!

It’s another themeless week here at Square Pursuit, and I’ve got a couple of cool celebrities making their debuts (as far as I know) in this grid, as well as a sneaky nod to one of my favorite clues of the year. What a pleasure to hit my 10th themeless blog puzzle in your company today!

I like making these themelesses pretty challenging, though I’m always endeavoring to refine the craft to keep them as fair as possible. My favorite puzzles to solve each week are the hardest ones I can find, but if your tastes diverge a bit from mine in this regard, please remember that GOOGLING IS NOT CHEATING. Whatever way you like to get down, may this week’s grid make you happy!

On another note, Black lives matter. I hope you’ll join me in explaining this to those who still don’t get it.

Enjoy, people! Back next week a summery-themed offering.

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