Cryptic #3

Hello, cryptic crew!

It’s time for the third installment of the Square Pursuit monthly cryptic. This one’s a themeless and features an open grid with some really long entries. There are few real challenges among them, and I hope its filled with funny “aha” moments for you.

In other puzzle news, last month’s cryptic got a nice mention in Will Nediger’s Indie Puzzle Highlights: September 2020. I mention this because I’m immensely flattered to be in the company of the other constructors on the list (and Will himself) and also because I want to recommend it to solvers who haven’t checked it out. I’ve been reading the list since before I started making indie puzzles. There are two other very approachable cryptics on there this month — both excellent, as well as some really masterful regular grids.

Thanks for coming by! I hope you enjoy the puzzle. I’ll be back on Wednesday with your regularly-scheduled themeless.

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